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Having a Social Media presence is more important than ever for not only increasing your brand and potential customers, but also potentially increasing your organic search results since Google now encompasses Social Media into its algorithm.

The use of online social media outlets exploded into our culture about ten years ago and its popularity has done nothing but escalate since then. Virtually every major company uses it to create special relationships with their clientele and promote whatever new product or service that they are introducing.

We have been working with LAD Solutions for about two years and we are so happy with the great job they do for us.

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Social Media Marketing Services


Utilizing Major Social Media Outlets for Marketing is a Must

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are highly interactive, and unlike any other form of advertising allow a firm to instantly spread their message. The key to being successful using this form of marketing is to generate as many followers as possible.

Another benefit that social media provides a company is that most people will enthusiastically endorse an organization if they truly appreciate it enough. When this happens a firm’s followers will recommend their products or websites to their friend’s using interactive social networking. In some cases this will drastically increase a company’s followers without them having to spend any time or effort on the project.

Affordable Social Media Marketing Services


Social Media is a Low Cost Highly Effective Form of Marketing

LAD Solutions offers social media management professionals that have been using and researching this form of marketing for many years now. During that time, we have created quite a few highly successful advertising campaigns for a wide variety of companies.

Below are a few of the social media sites that we know exactly how to dominate and a little bit of information about each one.

Social Media Networking Sites


Various Popular Social Media Sites

Blogging – Each and every website should have a separate section for its blog. The blog needs to be regularly updated with highly useful information that is unique and relevant to the company.

Facebook – With over 2 billion people using it daily, Facebook is the biggest social media outlet around.  Over 6 million advertisers and 65 million businesses use Facebook to promote their brand so it’s safe to say maybe you might want to give it a try.

Instagram – This is a photo & video sharing site and app. Businesses use Instagram to share a wide range of content like images, videos, stories and more with their customers and potential customers.

YouTube – YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform and the second largest search engine, next to Google, processing over 3 billion searches a month.

Twitter – Twitter is a unique social media platform that allows only 280 characters or less in a tweet and emphasizes on real-time information or breaking news. It’s ideal for sports, news, politics, entertainment and more.

Tumblr – If you are looking for a free website where you can create blogs to promote your company that will be well respected by the search engines, Tumblr is one of the best in the business. It’s a microblogging and social media outlet that let’s you post text (like blog articles), photos, videos, links and more.

Pinterest – Pinterest is a file sharing social media site where you can post videos, pictures, or just about anything else that your followers would be pleased to learn more about.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn has become a professional social media outlet that allows industry experts to share news and engaging content and also network with one another.

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