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LAD Solutions is a top-rated search engine optimization company in Los Angeles. We cater to legal firm SEO needs by understanding your challenges and goals. Every client receives a dedicated team that stays ahead of the latest in search engine trends and takes lessons learned from hundreds of our SEO case studies to deliver you results. To raise awareness about your legal practice and rank higher on search engines, all at an affordable cost, work with our team of SEO experts at LAD Solutions

LAD is not just an SEO provider, but a full-service online presence management firm.

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Services For Attorneys & Law Firms


Tailored SEO Services For Attorneys & Law Firms

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how you get your website to organically rank high in search engine results. With savvy consumers researching online for offline services, such as legal help, SEO makes a real difference in growing your practice. When 92% of adult Americans have a search engine as their browser homepage, you know it is how your target audience finds your competitors. With effective SEO, you can make sure that they find you every time they need the legal services you offer.

At LAD Solutions, you work with a specialized team that’s focused on developing an SEO strategy specifically for lawyers and law firms. We tailor our approach to your law practice by evaluating where you stand today in local search results. We then identify SEO opportunities and have a dedicated SEO expert to manage each SEO campaign to help you get found online and convert those visitors to clients.

Case Studies

Hakim Law Group

Hakim Law Group is a corporate law boutique geared for entrepreneurs – from beginning to success. HLG was founded on the premise that experience matters – at every stage of representation of a company’s life cycle.

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Case Studies

DADvocacy™ Law Firm

DADvocacy offers aggressive attorneys fighting for fathers’ rights during a divorce like child support & child custody in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas in Florida.

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Case Studies

LA City Law

Los Angeles City Law skillfully represents the victims in personal injury cases – from motorcycle accidents to dog bites and beyond. We are proud to serve all of Southern California, and we look forward to helping you, too.

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Case Studies

Ramtin Sadighim

At the Law Offices of Ramtin Sadighim, we have seen the toll that accidents can take on families. We also know that no family should have to suffer because of someone else’s carelessness.

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Local SEO For Lawyers


Local SEO For Lawyers

We get the importance of local SEO. The last time we searched for any service, there was usually a ‘near me’ at the end of that search phrase. It’s evident that the best way for your legal practice to get in front of your target audience online is to ensure you rank high among the community you serve.

Google Maps and Google My Business drive visitors to the most convenient and highly rated business services in the area they’re searching for. We audit your current business profile for things like up-to-date information, relevant photos or videos, and strategic keywords that your audience uses. We, then, develop a plan to manage your online presence and make sure that potential clients in your area can easily find your law firm.

Our team of law SEO experts will continue to monitor your business profile, online reviews, and track how you rank among the competition to optimize your standing. With our local SEO strategy, your legal firm will gain momentum in search rankings, drive more traffic to your website, and boost lead generation.

Search Engine Optimization Company for your Legal Website


SEO Services For Your Law Firm

Improving your website SEO is like ensuring your storefront is in the best shape possible, so when clients walk in, they know they want to do business with you. We handle every angle of website SEO – from the technical to the creative. From internal link structure and SEO-friendly site coding to engaging content, our SEO experts will give your website an SEO boost it needs.

Your dedicated SEO team will work with you to monitor progress toward your keyword ranking and lead generation goals, so you’re always up to date on how your investment is performing. We stay on top of the constant search engine algorithm changes and adjust our strategy for your website accordingly. Website SEO is a crucial piece of ranking high in search engine results and getting visitors to trust your law firm to be the best fit for their legal needs. But it doesn’t stop there.

Local SEO Services in Los Angeles


Local SEO Services That Go Beyond Your Website

Off-page SEO, also known as off-site SEO, are the tactics we take outside of your website to improve your rankings. Off-page SEO matters to your law firm because it builds the perception of authority and trustworthiness for your target audience. Your firm and attorneys provide professional and reliable legal services. Your website needs to back that up in order to make it easy for your online target audience to find you.

To help you build online authority in the eyes of your audience, we develop a tailored strategy focused on building backlinks from reputable external websites and connecting your website to your other marketing efforts such as social media. High-value websites that link back to your site indicate to search engines that your law firm is reputable and that your content can be trusted.

Our team at LAD Solutions will build an SEO strategy that goes beyond your website and wins your law firm those votes of digital confidence, so your target audience gets a step closer to choosing you for their legal needs.

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SEO Steps To Help You Rank Higher & Attract More Clients

SEO can get technical with complex methodologies to get results. We keep you out of the weeds and make the process simple so you’re always clear on what’s happening with your project.

(01) We Start with Keyword Research

We get to know your law firm’s capabilities and your target audience. We then research and analyze how your audience searches for your type of services and where your website ranks among the competition.

(02) We Get to Know Your Law Firm Website

Our team will dissect your website to check everything internal linking to meta tags. Is it mobile friendly? Is the coding appropriate for SEO? We’ll look at every web page and find opportunities to improve every piece of your most valuable online asset.

(03) We Build Awareness Around Your Website

SEO is more than just keywords and your website. We’ll look at how much authority your website has on the worldwide web. Authority is built by link-building from reputable, high-quality websites, social media sharing, guest blogging, and more. We’ll ensure all important roads lead to you.

(04) We Monitor and Report on Your ROI

Your dedicated SEO team will keep you in the loop and provide monthly Google ranking updates, traffic, and lead generation improvements. Feel in control of how your investment is spent and see positive ROI results.

SEO services for lawyers


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LAD Solutions has helped many law firms grow their online presence and lead generation. Our SEO services for lawyers are affordable and results driven. We’re always available and ready to offer a free consultation on how our services can help your legal practice grow. Call us at 888.523.2926 or click here for a No-Obligation Consultation today!

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