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Why You Need a Great Ecommerce Website


You want your eCommerce business to stand out but don’t know what steps to take next?. The competition continues to grow, and you want to make sure that your eCommerce store does not get left behind.

First, to get your store to attract customers and stake its place as a leader in its niche, you need a great eCommerce website. And by a great eCommerce website, we mean that you need to take heed to your store’s website design. You want a website that is aesthetically-pleasing, that is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and functional.

Second, your website needs to be built with proper navigation structure that is mobile and SEO friendly making the eCommerce web development aspect of your website crucial.

So how do you do this?

That’s where we come in – We’re a top quality and affordable eCommerce web design & development company. 

LAD Solutions delivered a beautiful website for us meeting or exceeding everyone of our expectations.

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ECommerce Website Design & Development

Ecommerce businesses are created every day. But many of them fail due to a lack of commitment and a lack of care for their web design. Quality eCommerce web design and development has never been more important than it is today with more people shopping online than ever before.

An eCommerce site that blends UI/UX design with proper site structure and navigation is well on its way to rising above its competition.

At LAD Solutions, we offer quality and affordable web design and development for Startup, Growing, and Established eCommerce businesses.

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What We Can Do

We have been providing eCommerce companies with a range of services to develop their website.
Let’s dive deeper to see what we can do to develop your eCommerce website:


The first step is to research your niche. With your guidance, we will look at your competition and analyze their strengths along with other general websites that are aesthetically pleasing to you. We will use this as a model for preparing your own eCommerce website design.

Additionally, we will include SEO Keyword research to make sure that your finished website development is SEO-friendly so that it quickly gets indexed by search engines and begins to improve it’s ranking on them.

Our research is meticulous as we want to make sure we can carve a blueprint on how your website will look and function.


We don’t just jump in without a paddle. Just as we place an emphasis on research, we place importance on preparing before starting the work.

We will research the templates, color schemes, iconography, fonts, and other content related to the aesthetic of your website. We will also recommend the best eCommerce platform available to suit your company’s needs. We will also help you implement as many payment authorization services as possible and that is to your liking.

It is during this phase that we focus on the functionality of your eCommerce website. We want to find the best way to help your customers navigate through the website, add to cart, and checkout with ease and efficiency.

Once the brainstorming is complete, we are ready to present you with our plan to develop the website. Once we have your approval for the design and required functionality, we start building.

Designing Your Website

The first phase of development is working on the aesthetic of the website. Our graphic designers strive at creating a unique, conversion-optimized web design that stands out. We will work on grabbing your customer’s attention through stunning visuals. We will also work on the best presentation methods for showcasing your products and their features.

We will also decide on a visual style guide. This will set the template for all current and future pages on the website. If additional pages are to be created, at a later stage, this visual style guide will help with determining the color scheme, fonts, and other aspects of design.

Los Angeles Ecommerce Web designing company


Magento Web Development or WooCommerce Web Development

To set up your brand’s eCommerce website, we can either use Magento or WooCommerce platform. This is one of the crucial aspects of eCommerce website development.

WooCommerce is a great platform for newcomers to eCommerce. It is easy to set up and add products. You can manage your product inventory internally and it has a limited capability of offering coupons to your customers. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of themes to design your store to your liking.
With Magento, you have many great features designed for the seasoned eCommerce seller. You have added security and a variety of add-ons for your store. Furthermore, you can have multiple languages for your online store. You can add multiple language capabilities to your store as well.

Both are great options and we can advise you based on the needs of your store. We are experts in both Magento web development and WooCommerce web development and can help you every step of the way to make sure you choose the best platform for your eCommerce needs.


Your eCommerce website will need to have a content wing. Part of your website development will include having a space on your website for blog posts, video content, audio content, product descriptions, etc., for telling a story. These stories will relate to your niche and will have the ultimate goal of selling your products and promoting your brand.

We can help you prepare the right content for your website pages and ensure that it doesn’t take away from the beautiful design and feel of your website. Since we also specialize in SEO, we will make sure your content includes the right keywords and is structured with optimized header tags.
The importance of content should never be underestimated. We will be there every step of the way to launching your website’s content to the world.

Mobile Friendly

Every day, more and more people use their phones to make online purchases. That is why in today’s world, it is crucial that your website is also designed and optimized for mobile use.

Our web design and developers understand this and make sure your eCommerce website will look beautiful on mobile devices and function seamlessly.

Ecommerce Web Design & Development Company


We are also here to help you with many of the technical aspects of eCommerce website development. One of these will include the integration of third-party applications such as payment authorization services.

We can help in deciding what the best third-party application integration is best for your eCommerce business. We can integrate a variety of payment methods which can give your customers greater flexibility in purchasing your products.

We can also look at other applications that you may wish to integrate for the functionality of your website. These include applications for security, making your website mobile-friendly, as well as customer service applications such as live chat.

Other integrations can also include setting up a marketing analytics service to monitor your website. This can help your marketing team tremendously. This will help them analyze your website’s traffic amongst a plethora of other metrics. As a result, your marketing team will be able to make better decisions in designing their marketing strategy.


The Big Launch

Once your new eCommerce website is complete and approved, we will help you launch it into the world. Our developers will help setup your web hosting and make your site live on your own servers. If needed, we will also help you setup your business emails and make sure they’re working. Finally, we will place test orders to ensure your payment gateway is set up correctly so that you are ready to make sales from day one.

Our customers are satisfied with our service. We have provided our eCommerce website development to countless of eCommerce businesses across various niches. We are committed to helping your eCommerce business grow. We are here to help your eCommerce business maximize its full potential and will work relentlessly to ensure that your eCommerce business has a great website to showcase your brand and sell your products.

If you need eCommerce website development/design services reach out to us today.

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