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Affordable PPC Management Services

Pay per click (PPC) campaigns can deliver tangible returns when done right. PPC ads allow you to appear in search results and relevant sites even when you do not rank as high as you would expect.

These ads add or complement your SEO efforts to boost your visibility. How though do you set up a PPC campaign that gets you optimal results? How do you manage your PPC campaigns to ensure that they are always bringing value to your marketing efforts?

PPC Management Fundamentals

When it comes to your online marketing efforts, having a clear strategy cannot be over-emphasized. There are three core elements that should be part of your PPC management and these include are: goals, budget and relevance. The level of managing these three elements can make or break your PPC campaigns. Your goals should be clearly defined in terms of target, type of keywords and ad copy. Your campaigns are limited by your budget, so to make the most of it, you need to focus it wisely. The relevance of your PPC campaigns should fit your budget. As your budget increases, your target searches should show relevance by broadening the reach of your campaigns.

It takes a competent SEO marketer to balance these three elements and deliver results that are worth your PPC campaign’s budget. We are experienced PPC experts, and we believe we have what it takes to take your campaigns to this level.

Keyword Research

Your ads should be very focused if they are to be of any real value. The keyword phrases you use in your ad campaigns should be descriptive and very specific to your niche. Broad-themed keywords dilute your campaign efforts and make it difficult for your ads to show appropriately. PPC management efforts should focus on keyword research that delivers, and by use of both paid and free tools (such as Google AdWords and its keyword tool), we help determine the best keyword phrases and keyword combinations that gets your ads to show up within more targeted circles.

Measuring And Tweaking Campaigns

It is not enough to just have an ad up and running and let everything else just figure itself out. Constant measurement, monitoring and tweaking of your ad campaigns should be an ongoing effort, and a core part of your PPC management efforts. We take the burden of trying to figure out what needs to be measured and tweaked from you and help you make sense of your campaigns.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to PPC campaigns. Experimentation that involves always trying something different should also be an ongoing process. Such calculated tweaks helps stretch your PPC budget even further and get more from the same coin.

Remember that your competition is not going to be kind when it comes to PPC ads, and they will likely be putting forth as much effort, maybe even more, than you are. It is our job to ensure that your ads are optimized and properly managed to help you stay competitive and stand out.

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