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First Page On Google

Having the top spot on Google is ideal since over 52% of the time a site on the top spot gets clicked on. In fact, being in the top 5 queries will help bring a lot of traffic to your website.

But did you know, according to research, the total of average Click-Through-Rates for all the organic queries on the first page of Google amounts to 208%. This means that potential customers or clients click more than twice on the first result page, and that they will often go deeper in Google results showing that further positions on the first page of Google might also be profitable. It’s clear that your SEO efforts should focus on how to get on the first page of Google, since page two, three, four…have very little value at all.

Misconceptions about Google Rankings

A lot has been said about ranking on page one of Google. With all of this come common misconceptions about that top spot that all SEO engineers are trying to reach. A lot of these SEO marketers will emphasize keyword targeting or placing ads. Others will opt for more linkage, while still others will offer social engagement as the solution to attain to that elusive page one position. The truth is, they are all right. The problem is they are all wrong as well.

Google uses a complicated algorithm to determine who ranks where. No SEO marketer can guarantee a page one ranking simply because no one is aware of how the algorithm works. While most SEO marketers are doing something right in their efforts, they are simply not doing enough. They are focusing their efforts on one ranking factor while neglecting another altogether. This is where we have the edge.

To rank on page one of Google, you need to implement a combination of different techniques that will give you more real estate with Google. Whether it’s keyword targeting, social engagement or video, the more varied your techniques and approaches are, the higher the chances that you are going to make it onto page one of Google for particular search terms.

Techniques that Get You to Page One of Google

Google makes over 700 changes to its algorithm every year. This simply means that it’s pointless to try and chase an algorithm to rank high. To get tangible results and rank high, you need to be proactive and focus on things you can control. Not surprisingly, websites that focus their efforts on all of these elements, rather than just one or two, end up ranking on the first page of Google. We aim to take this approach when it comes to your website.

Focusing on a quality user experience and creating resourceful, unique content is more valuable, in the long run, than SEO efforts targeted at search engines. The user should come first and search engine rankings will follow.

Making content so that it can be indexed, developing sitemaps and promoting your content is bound to get your ranking higher as opposed to keyword stuffing and other black hat techniques. Social engagement is also becoming important, as is shown when Google+ results pages show up on Google search results. A well-optimized Google+ page is more likely to show on page one of Google than your website. These and other techniques are the target points that we aim to focus on to help you remain competitive.

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Call 888.523.2926 or Contact Us For A No Obligation Consultation